A collection of lyrics and chords
for the music of James Grant


The James Grant Songbook:

James Grant

James Grant

This site provides lyrics and guitar chords (along with alternate tunings) for artists, musicians, bands and producers who wish to cover James Grant’s songs, as well as fans and fairly advanced guitar players.

The strength of James Grant’s songwriting means that his work can sustain a wide variety of treatments and styles, and James is always excited to hear new interpretations of his songs.

If you’d like to learn a particular song, and don’t already own a copy, you can generally download tracks from Vertical, iTunes or buy the album from Amazon. (Usually, you can simply search under ‘James Grant’ or ‘Love and Money’.) For rarer material, email here.

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the chords, simply copy and paste the notation into your Google search bar with the word ‘wiki’. You should find a Wikipedia entry that explains all. Even if you just type the chord you are looking for into Google and search, there are loads of sites that will show you the shapes.

All songs are by James Grant apart from the following;

You’re Beautiful, Avalanche, The Desired by James Grant and Paul McGeechan

Cheeseburger, Jocelyn Square by James Grant and Bobby Paterson

I See All Of You Now by James Grant and Donald Shaw

Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey, Is Anybody Dreaming About Me, Sin Of Pity, I Never Touched Her, Modigliani Baby and The Last Beautiful Day by James Grant and Douglas MacIntyre

All Love And Money songs are published by EMI Music Publishing except songs onThe Devil’s Debt MCPS

All others are MCPS.

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