A collection of lyrics and chords
for the music of James Grant



JAMES GRANT is one of the most renowned and respected performers Scotland has ever produced. The LOVE & MONEY frontman returns with his band and his own bespoke orchestra THE HALLELUJAH STRINGS following his two emphatic sell out shows at Celtic Connections 2016.


Expect classics old and new; Strange Kind Of Love, Whisky Dream, Walk The Last Mile, I Can’t Stop Bleeding, Winter, Does It All Add Up To Nothing, Jocelyn Square, My Thrawn Glory and more..


The concert will be at GLASGOW CITY HALLS on the 23rd SEPTEMBER 2016. The venue will have a special resonance with Love & Money fans; this was where the first public performance of their classic album Dogs In The Traffic took place, 25 years ago.





His fey blue eyes

Cast in the matrix of the sky

Hair like honey

Upon the limbs of a heaven tree

I gave him wings, he flew away from me

Icarus lies at the bottom of the sea

His supernal kiss

Cold upon my lips

Brittle and tart

Then it roared and ate my heart

I gave him wings, he flew away from me?

Icarus lies at the bottom of the sea

We flew so high

We had untold riches, he and I

But we dipped so deep

Dipped so deep

And he dragged me down to depths I’ve never known

Now the die is cast

The wreckage of the past

Still, sometimes I fancy I may see

My angel over me



Ok, when I said,’The CD has two extra tracks that will not be available in any other format.’

I omitted the line,”Including even this one.”

It’s extremely unprofessional, tawdry and shambolic, but these have become bywords for my ouvre..


It wasn’t my fault, this is true; but I’ve been punting the product like Swiss Tony the used car salesman.


Therefore I assume responsibilty(no-one else has).


All I can add is that you will get the 2 extra tracks, Vertical has all your emails and addresses, so if you bought the vinyl/CD package I’ll make sure you get them. We need to figure out how, but I’ll sort it. As soon as possible.


I’m just upset that our most loyal fans should be treated this way, when they have stood by me and the band for so long.

I thank those already who have said shit happens, it does indeed, it’s not the start to things I would have wanted.


Complaints etc. to info@verticalrecords.co.uk.

OK. you’re gonna love this.

Below is a statement from our record company.


We are very sorry but the delivery of the vinyl version of The Devil’s Debt has been delayed. The manufacturing company DMS have apologized profusely that they have had unforeseeable problems with their printers that has resulted in the gatefolds/sleeves of the album having to be reprinted. They are unable to give us a definite date yet for delivery but we are hopeful that we will be able to send the albums to you early next week.


I am so, so sorry, I’m about as unhappy as I possibly could be about this and the way it’s been been handled, particularly by DMS.

I asked them to make a statement, accepting responsibilty and apologising for the delay to all our fans.

But they said they couldn’t, because, ‘ Dave is on holiday.’


It only goes to show that if something can be fucked up, then we will do our utmost to make sure it happens, it’s how you say; a no-brainer.


Please address any complaints/queries to info@verticalrecords.co.uk


Once again, I am sorry.





A Solid slab of Stonesy sass…

Dig those disco strings!

Wig out to the geetar solo..


Listen here ;




I will be playing two nights at the Edinburgh Fringe performing hits from all periods of my career.
The Blue period, the Death phase, the Fairly Sanguine years…its only an hour long show but I can guarantee an evening of complete misery. I’ll be flying solo but God is my co-pilot.

See Gig section for details..

The male menopause…devastating, exasperating, discombobulating.


And just a plain pain in the hole.


I have omitted to mention that I am playing The Eastgate Arts Centre in Peebles on Thursday 7th June, please come along in your droves, I’ll see you there and in Stockton on Friday.

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