A collection of lyrics and chords
for the music of James Grant



August 1st, 2010

Welcome to the new site, I hope it’ll be a useful resource to anyone who wants to learn to play my music. I’ll be updating it as I go along, there may be the odd misplaced chord – if you think you’ve found any, please let me know..

I’ll try and keep you updated as to any gigs or indeed anything of any interest that might be coming up in the future. It’s been a busy year with gigs and I hope next year will be the same…thank you to all of you who have supported me throughout the aeons, I rely on your continuing support, so let us rock on, very gently..

If you email me from the contact page you will be automatically added to a mailing list – if you want to be informed of upcoming events etc.

The reason you are pointed towards my fan page on Facebook is that the old forum will soon be terminated. On Facebook you can share photos, add files etc. – it just seems to make more sense…and its free(this page is not maintained by me btw, its a fan page, with my assent – but I don’t have a Facebook account). The old forum will probably be terminated, although I’m not sure when. I know there may be some gnashing of teeth at this prospect, I’m sorry about this, but so far as I can see – it’s no big deal.

Thanks again and hope you enjoy the new site..

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