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General Update

August 17th, 2012


Know its been a while but been very busy.

In the next week or so I will announce details of the release of The Devil’s Debt, the new record by Love And Money. Its sooner than you think.

There will be exclusive pre release limited edition copies available.

There will be a Love And Money Facebook page – if you all “Like” this that would be good and will probably bring you good fortune in abundance.

There will be a website, there will be information and general enlightenment on here and on jamesgrantsongbook.com where you will also find the lyrics and chords to the new tunes.

I can hardly contain myself here, I’m spilling out over the sides to anyone who’ll listen.

Either check in here or get on the mailing list(email info@james-grant.com and I’ll add you if you’re not already on).

I’m also on Twitter now, Christ, its just too much..I feel degraded, like I’ve just signed up for speed dating.


Follow me…my moniker is jamthrawn.


I don’t know the first thing about it, hysterical.


This week : a series of ‘Tweets’ containing ‘interesting’ words and phrases from The Devil’s Debt.

Bone up, ahem, on these and be ahead of the game when the album comes out..


(Lesser) Hampden Here We Come. Seriously.

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