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for the music of James Grant



September 21st, 2012

Ok, when I said,’The CD has two extra tracks that will not be available in any other format.’

I omitted the line,”Including even this one.”

It’s extremely unprofessional, tawdry and shambolic, but these have become bywords for my ouvre..


It wasn’t my fault, this is true; but I’ve been punting the product like Swiss Tony the used car salesman.


Therefore I assume responsibilty(no-one else has).


All I can add is that you will get the 2 extra tracks, Vertical has all your emails and addresses, so if you bought the vinyl/CD package I’ll make sure you get them. We need to figure out how, but I’ll sort it. As soon as possible.


I’m just upset that our most loyal fans should be treated this way, when they have stood by me and the band for so long.

I thank those already who have said shit happens, it does indeed, it’s not the start to things I would have wanted.


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